Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Long weekend has started...yeay!!

Hello world :)
Few more days to 2015. I just can't wait to turn over a new leaf. We have laid plans for the most wonderfuls, leaving the worst and taking what's left to learn forward.lessons of life.

Just came back from a wonderful training and received a wonderful news as my youngest brother in law is accepted to my old school! Wahh!! What would b more exciting! 12 yrs I had left and now I'm going yeay!!

Esok cuti yeay! And I took an extra Friday leave already so our weekends will be looooong! Yeah!!! Let's plan some home activities! Yeay. Maybe we'll check out what we can do w our new books and setup a library checklist :)
And some vision board as well!

And of course some homemade specials.tis season! :p

Well amsyar will be attending his school orientation on the 28th so it will be a busy weekend juga lah munchkin is going to school! No babies left...sobsob.

Well, no babies too soon so far.2yrs more if God's will. Inshallah :)

Happy holidays lovelies!!!

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