Monday, December 22, 2014

Week before Christmas

Weekends are always filled w things I would like my children to remember. We had visitors to our house on Friday night bringing us lovely homemade nasi kerabu :) Iman&amsyar's tokngah and atok kuku as iman says it all the way from kelate :) (Hubby's aunty)

As for the bad banjir back in hometown kelate and all the defeated football stories we had a happy wkend.

Thanks for the comfort food! Nyummss

We also baked some more muffins on Sunday morning.the boys were soon happy on a rainy day at home. Well it rains and rains everyday now, we can hardly do anything outdoors!

Alhmdulillah we've already booked a place for amsyar as well in Arif minda. (And left mommy bankrupt!)

Tho only the 3yrs old registered, amsyar will do fine Inshallah.mommy believes in you!

Till then!



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jom terjah :)
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