Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Big Bad Wolf 2014!!

Hi uollss..
Haven't written in a long time kan?
Busy december i can say :)

Ending the year with some nice memories.
Maybe I'll post individual stories for each places we went. A long time off in coincidence with Hubby's large family coming to town, we had quite a blast!

Tata-ed everybody on Saturday, we had the house to ourselves again, and decided to have some book-spree therapy! Where else? The BBW big bad wolf grand sale laaa :) Miecc is just 20mins away so..apalagikk

We went on prime time this yr around.8.30pm-11pm.and not bad..the crowd was manageable.the boys were they happily picked books to their likings. This year's theme for them is (are) astronauts &space and of course Insects&reptiles. We grabbed some encyclopedias on that and some bedtime story books as well :)

Mommy got some grabs too. My favorites were one Khalid Hossaini Novel and one Nigella cookbook for rm3! Got an automotive hardcover for rm3 as well. So I'm one happy mama. Malay novels were also tempting priced as low as rm5..I just don't know which one to choose ending up to bringing home none.kehkehkeh. xpolah I got 3 novels for rm20 already.

Such a total we got 40books a new home, our home. I love books. I can see the boys shared some of my passion as well for now,alhmdulillah. Read, mommy don't till your books go withered..mommy will buy u more.the passion is what money can't buy :)

Mujur books are tax deductabled so..we'll for sure come again next year! Yeay!!

Grab yours cepat! The sale had been extended.

#bookworm alert! :)


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