Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekends finally!

Hectic week.
 I just need rest, the guys they're all out to KLiMS this evening for benchmarking and eye candying. 
Not really my type of candy tho.No no no.

I can barely move my feet on evenings like this apatah lagi nak tag along.
With public transport plak tu..
Big no-no.

One of the posters from 3M

If you drive me from lobby to lobby pun lom tentu i pergi. Huhuhu.
Go if automotive is your blood. Maybe there's something good for you and your knowledge. Who knows.

Go explore.


But i think, this blog genre is more better to be advertised with this, ye tak?

Ware house sales anyone???

or even

Ha.. there's more like it,kan??

Pick your place. Or go to all!
Or just stay at home.

I'll choose the later.definitely.

Lemau sket dh ke petang jumaat mcm ni. i just need some rest. It has been a harsh week after all. draining what is left. pumping all the energy.
It would be nice to be home. Just to clean up, tidy up, domestic chores that i don't really like but don't really bother doing...and some cooking therapy perhaps (and some good eating too).

And with the help of these two cute domestic helpers for sure! :)

Two days. The short two days!!
Thank you Allah that you gave us weekends!!

Have a nice weekends nice peeps out there!



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