Saturday, November 23, 2013

I have finally resigned!

Nov 23rd, 2013

Today marks Amsyar's 18months birthday. Which also marks my 18th mths breastfeeding journey.I am more that gratitude could eventually mean to Allah for this opportunity and blessings. To be able to cope with all the ups and downs

The most feared month of the year was ramadhan.this time I had to go through twice during this journey.but Allah knows best and provide sustainance to us in all ways. Alhmdulillah I never missed sahur for all my bf days and 25oz per day was nvr less by an ounce those days.alhmdulillah.berkat ramadhan.

From all those glorious days of reaping 25-30oz per day, the journey was nvr smooth. Challenges were always there. Work load and stress may b the main culprit as for me from three times per day of pumping at work, barely to get one session was already a struggle. Ending with only 3oz per day, I was really grateful with the rezeki for my little one, amsyar.

Amsyar had gotten the opportunity to be exclusively fully one whole year on breastmilk. And that was more than a wonderful achievement for mommy! For 3months he was on formula once a day, and then started to have only one bottle of mommy's milk for the next 3mths. So sad but yet its the truth.

Thank you Allah for all the gold fluid for my baby boy. For now I have decided to end the pumping journey, and continue only direct feed at night and weekends until whenever the milk is still there.
So now, officially declared, I have stopped pumping milk.

What a beautiful journey.
Now continued.Until there is no more :)




eug|ena said...

Alhamdullilah, u've made it mommy zahra! :) お疲れ様でした

:: zahra :: said...

Alhamdulillah 18mths is good enough for busy working mom like us kan?
a bit sad and missing those sessions.But i have no regrets!! :)

ieza said...

Ok this really inspired me, nak try setaun gak la bf, hopefully aminnnmn

siti norsarah Aminuddin said...

alhamdulillah..congrates zara. aryan pun dah stop bf last month..2th 4 bulan..the longest bf journey..i made new record. year, will be another challenge..harap dptlah bfeed for two yrs jugak.


jom terjah :)
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