Thursday, November 7, 2013

Misi :: Mencari Tadika di Bandar Saujana Putra :)

My lil hero Zulhadzrey Iman is reaching 3yo this coming February, so i really wanted him to find more exposures by sending him of to playschool. Three in mind for the moment. I plan to visit all three and currently only managed to visit lil Caliph. All are located in Saujana Putra which is a plus but my heart goes really to tadika Arif Minda.

We'll try to visit the schools and see the outcome and maybe a lil to share here. So this will be our November project :)

All three schools are linked as below and these were my observation roughly:

Dzul Iman - a newly opened school in a double storey corner house. Basically for 4-6years ols but accepts 3yo without the obligatory for schools and class and books . English medium and islamic. Not thoroughly surveyed yet. Waiting for the open day :)

Lil Caliph Ivory BSP - also newly opened last year with only 8students at the moment :) Located quite far from our house in Ivory residence BSP. Nice environment. Nice teacher. English medium but not too islamic and opens for 3yo :).

and also

Tadika Arif Minda
Opened last year in Saujana Prima across our housing area near to the lake. Nice corner lot school facing to the lake. Nice teachers but not 100% english medium. Islamic but still not 100% english medium. Hmm..

Iman with play doh. I let him play w one color at a time for the time being.
He made a watch for himself and a caterpillar.
How clever u are!! :)

Need further surveying especially on fees structure and also transportation. I will try to visit all three again and do more investigations..inshallah :)


aniem an said...

aku pun teringin nak belikan playdoh untuk irfan. ok sebenarnya mama yang excited lebih nak main. kecik2 dulu xdpt main. haha

:: zahra :: said...

beli la nem..aku pas iman 3yrs ingat nk belikan yg set2 buat burger, aiskrim bagai tu :)


jom terjah :)
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