Monday, November 11, 2013

Homeschooling Projects :: Cuti paaanjang!

Happy Monday mommies!
Harini sakit pinggang from 30mins badminton game with daddy lepas dah 5yrs kot xmain ;p
Kena gasak juga daddy, tak sangka dia, wife dia yg debab ni pandai juga main.hihihihihi......peace daddy.jgn marah..hahahaha

Throwback entry for last week :)
4 days at home with the munchkins.we did a lot of homeschool activities with stickers, pencil colors, and playdoh. and played around mostly with swimming, cake baking, bicycle and ball games (and also masak2). but most were not captured into images.ahh..sayang betul.tak teringat! sorry iman, amsyar. I know how much u guys love it to be home.
Xsempat nk publish. Busy sket coz 5working days jd 3working days so everything needs to be cramped into 3days. (T_T) 

Amsyar at Masjid Besi :) Good boy.just wait for mommy yr boleh bwk g terawikh dah :)

Park visit.

Mosque view

Daddy had a game as well. Well, they lose unfortunately. 

Donuts! For Iman and Amsyar.

Motor riding at Putrajaya square. Putrajaya lg? Nak buat cmne we're 5km away je from Putrajaya.

Swimming at home!!!!!!!!!!

Ride for the weekend

This supposed to be congo bars.but mommy altered few things and it became a nice cake instead :p haha

Playdoh. see the watch and the caterpillar he made himself :)

Happy and messy iman
Iman's a simple guy. He eats simple breakfast. Macaroni, eggs and tomatoes. And a cup of milo too :)

Salam Maal Hijrah in belated everyone, may we all great mothers and generate great Islamic leaders for the coming future and work every penny we earned out to get the barakah in our rezeki :)


Have a great week ahead!


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