Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekends with the kids..

I just love weekends with the kids.
We were at home sweet home.
Free and easy.
No plans, just some routine cleaning, loooong bath times, some gardening and dirt playing, some book reading sessions, eating eating and eating, singing aloud and just running around the house. I even taught the boys about sewing and finished up 3 sewing projects! Yeay! Not big projects tho.
Some curtain projects, some cooking projects, some deco projects :)
And since the boys are able to play along together somehow-mommy could get some novel&coffee time as well.

Sometimes i wish i am a housewife.
Cause 2days is  definitely not enough!
Some projects need to be postponed to the coming weekend :) 

This is Amsyar at Breakfast on a Saturday. At first he wanted kokokrunch, the next minute he asked for srambled eggs, so mommy gave him both for breakfast :) Mommy really miss you looking at this picture adiq :) He already knows the alphabet song and could pronounce his name correctly! Yeay for Amsyar!!

This is Iman eating breakfast. He's always my picky-eater. He checks what i put in his bread (--"). Hihihi..so clever tau. Suka gets mommy furious with his nicks and knacks. But also mommy's sweet boy occassionally :)

The boys watching some TV while having lunch. Suap mihun goreng! Their favorite so far. Senang kerja mommy when daddy is not around. Just simple luncheons! Yeay! Pipi kembung kembung dua dua tgh makan.

Mommy's Sunday breakfast for the boys. Some Sausages with Cheese Bread Egg Rolls :) The boys loved it alhamdulillah :) Simple is delightfully nice isn't it? :)

And, to make the sunny and hot weekends nicer, mommy made some nice Popsicle ala Malaysia. and really it turned out to be a wonderful winner as well.  Mommy suka :)


Happy working mommies!
Have a nice day ahead!
Can't wait for the next weekend.
Please come fast!

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