Monday, October 7, 2013



Entering the bedroom, i put Amsyar on the bed and told him, i'm going to the bathroom for awhile.
He took his bottle and dranked some milk.

As i opened the bathroom door, Amsyar immediately stopped drinking, put his bottle on the beds header, and then lay downed, smiling. Positioning himself, where he was always breastfed!

He was waiting for mommy!

Clever boy la yuhhh!


Happy monday everyone!
Missing my boys on Mondays!!


1 comment:

RynaHakimi said...

Mestila mommy, susu ibu terbaik!!! hihi..

Zara, ikan ayo masak kicap tu aku rebus dulu ngan asam keping&garam. Buat hilang hanyir. then goreng dulu, then baru masak dlm kuah kicap tu.. Hati2 masa goreng nnti meletopsss..hihi

Boleh aje takyah rebus ikan tu, tapi hanyir la sket :)


jom terjah :)
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