Thursday, October 24, 2013

Iman and his antics..

Iman is hitting 36mths next February. So its about time that his speech skills develops rapidly this time around. It is surely funny with what he usually utters out. Sometimes unpredictable and really genuinely frank. Haha.

Mommy just need to polish him a bit about being polite and thoughtful soon!

As usual i could not predict what new vocab he had just recently picked-up and i tried my best to teach him each new thing he asked in English. Yes, that's quite hard as both of us are hard-cored malay speakers. But it's really worth it so far with things around the house and in everyday environment.

He understands simple english like wash your hands, wash your face, wipe your mouth, throw the rubbish in the bin, keep your toys away, take your green stool, kick the ball, take one tissue for mommy,  and have a quite extended array of english nouns as well. Just simple things like train, horse, cat, dog, chicken, fork, spoon, ball (ha this one of course!), aeroplane, tunnel, car, bicycle, bug, butterfly and the list goes on. We will work with verbs after this. Inshallah!

There are some conversations that i found really funny on how he uses his words. Here are some.

M (mommy) : Iman, nape adik nangis? Iman pukul ke?
I (Iman) : Tak tahu. Bukan iman!
M : Iman usik ke?
I : Bukan!

I found him throwing the cake from his hands.
M : Iman jgn baling kek kalau taknak mkn
I : Tak baling. Kek jatuh.

I : Wow! Cantiknya! Wow!!
I was putting on make-up that time.
Thank you hunny bunny!

I : Amsyar, jgn ambil ni. Ni Abang punya!
We never taught him to call himself abang. Hehehe

I : Daddy, nak air oren (this was daddy's carbonated drink). Amsyar tak payah. Ni ubat!
Hahahahah.. amboi pandai ckp kat adik ni ubat..padahal dia nak.

Alaa.. tak ingat plak yang lain lain.
But Iman is really growing up mcm abg abg sket.
The brotherly manner is there, budding. Alhamdulillah.

Mommy hopes you grow up, independent, smart, and soleh Iman.


I bought them both these two sets recently.
I think it's no problem for a lil boy to play with kitchen sets, As long as the sets are not really girlish, pink and all. It's not a bad thing, you boys do cook.

What say you?


Till then,



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NoEn said...

handsome boy iman


jom terjah :)
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