Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October happenings : Mak Uteh farewell ;)

Zakiyya with Iman :)

Last week, October th 22nd was my lil sis flight to Doha then back to Egypt.
Yup, she went back to egypt.
All my doas are with you my dear. May Allah protect you always :)

So we were there, at KLIA sending her off. Together as well with lil Iman and Amsyar.
Iman was really fond of his Mak Uteh.
He was really sad at the moment he realized that mak uteh was really walking away (to the boading terminal of course).
Both boys watching the bags being wrapped. Amazed ;p

Amsyar merajuk, as he wanted the small orang utan doll that costed rm69! Not worth it dikk..takpayah.

Boys being boys..buying off time :)

Vroommm vrommm ! :)

And the boys managed to persuade geypa to get them these.. alahai..
Dgn mommy tak dapek la korang..huhuhu





Byebye mak uteh.
Deep down kakak is really worried sick about you being pregnant, alone in a very unstable country like egypt.
But maybe takdir has already been written that you'll be there.
So may all the doas be with you and may Allah protect you from harm.

Have a smooth pregnancy, delivery and study journey inshallah.

Take care lil yah..your always be my baby sister lil yah..


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