Friday, April 29, 2016

May is coming

And its going to be a looooooooooong weekend!

So double yay!


I guess this pregnancy has really taken a toll on me for blogging. I can hardly write anything these days its like a mental blockage of somewhat. Things happening as usual and the kids are having their mid-term next week (yeah..4yr olds and 5 yr olds sorta exam hehe). Iman came to me and told us that the teacher said, no talking or peeping your neighbours when the exam ongoing. Kalau teacher tak nmpak, Allah nmpak. Really Iman, mommy do pray this innocence lasts as long as it can!

Two cheeky boys bucuk tamau monday on a lazy sunday

Amsyar on the other hand keeps on asking when is his birthday coming. Bulan ni ke mommy? I told him, yours is May. So when is this May? he asks. I said its sooner than you could imagine it is :)

Enjoying some clown show last weekend in Aeon Shah Alam

Its really going to be May soon, right? We're already in end of April :) and next week's May already marking half the journey of baby z no 3 :)

May - is a very special month for us.
Our anniversary falls in May (28th). Our birthdays - me (5th), hubs(21st), amsyar(23rd) are all in May. Iman asked before how come his birthday is the only one different from all of us? as it is in February. I told him it is as he is very special. yeah really extra special as he was conceived in May- which of course i didnt told him that! ahaha..

Apart from that is May has Mother's day and Teacher's in it  as well :) i had just ordered flowers for iman's and amsyar's school teachers for Teachers day. And some for me via their school celebration..haha order for myself ;p  there were few other options for the dedication small gifts the school were organizing, and i asked iman to choose whether he wants to give his teacher a flower or a chocolate gift, and he said he doesnt want to give both. Instead he asked me to buy a shawl for his teacher ;p ok iman, we'll see about that :) This lil guy really loves school :) Alhmdulillah a lot of improvements with this new teacher of his - Teacher Ain. Garang teacher ni tp Iman suka, katanya ;)

Iman on his school trip
Iman's Class mates :)
Ok lah lets get the dough rolling and some oven heating in this office! No real plan this weekend actually apart from balik rumah mak di Sepang and hubs off to Penang to buy me some jeruk buah salak ;p No lah..he's off for the company's annual treasure hunt race to Penang. Staying there for a day and then back. A guy's thing so enjoy your 'bujang' time hubs. We'll see off to to something once you come back :) A picnic ke.. in this kind of weather everybody's avoiding the outdoors kan? panas!

Race items -car number 55. Hope its a lucky number (my birthday! 5th may =055 geddit? :P)

Ok then. See you soon :)
So welcome May, you're long awaited, ahaha!


Muka sembab at 20weeks


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