Thursday, April 7, 2016

Izman Hasyif's Wedding - Desa Pandan KL

Last weekend (2-3rd april) was the wedding of my cousin from my 2nd aunt NgahTun. Ngah had already passed away 4yrs ago leaving back 5kids and Izman was her youngest. As mom was one of the aunty's he had left with, mom was a bit busy doing things to make things smooth and ease him. Alhmdulillah everything went well and smooth, syukur. Altho this was an unplanned wedding as at first they asked for only an engagement. However, after discussions and agreement from both families, the knot was tied even closer, terus nikah. Alhmdulillah.

Allah permudahkan segalanya.

The rombongan on Saturday. We didn't go as the boys has to be left home :) Well... ;p
Mom n my father :) Pengantin lamo

My uncle : Ayah Nan, Njang and mom. The 3 from 6 remaining in the family.

Cousins and all. Well yg ni is not even half of us :)

To izman n wifey, selamat pengantin baru.Tahniah sangat2!! Moga hidup lebih dimurahkan rezeki aman bahagia sajalah hendak-Nya. Amin :)

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