Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pinky hopes on her way!

Assalamualaikum mommies!

I guess its time to share here :) Yups. We're pregnant with no 3!  Alhmdulillah with all the patience to finally wait when the time is right for a new family addition. Well i've been posting very much a lot in my ig : zahra_memey bout this news but let me put it in words here ;)

So lets begin with a lil intro to lil no 3 ;) We're now in the second trimester already alhmdulillah. To be exact this week is already week 18 which means we're almost halfway at 4 and a half :) Alhmdulillah, rezeki came as planned, 2016, after raya, both rayas inshallah.  My first check up 3 weeks ago didnt yet show any sign of whether baby 3 is a boy or a girl yet so mommy is still excited with the guessing game :) We all hoped for a girl this time of course. Inshallah. But Allah surely knows whats best kan? The check up revealed everything was fine. On track. Singleton, heartbeat rate ok, mommy's vitals - blood pressure, blood count, urine et all- checks out ok..well except for the weight..sobs. The doctor prescribed me with obimin. And she mentioned habbatus sawda was ok for me. So yay!.

The first trimester was a roller coaster. A bad roller coaster, and it was really better when actually no one knows esp the office team :) Some went wild guessing when i took a 5 min rest in the surau after a marathon of puking out the day's lunch, but nobody really knew except for few close family and friends :) I tried really hard this time to be stronger, and kept my head busy with designs and sketches and guess what? It worked wonders. I bet the third time around really made me aware of the do's and don'ts for first trimester esp on food to avoid (like aubergine,mushrooms) and what smell to keep distance from. Some fruits smells turned me off even this time. And i could not cook. AT ALL. Which was quite a disaster as at a certain point we ran out ideas of what to take away (well, i skipped dinner most of the time pun sebab mmg tak lalu).

The thing is that with baby no 3, it was always afternoon sickness, the headaches, the vomiting, the dizziness ... straight until we went to bed. Mornings were great tho, alhamdulillah. So i keep my mornings busy and packed, all the meetings, discussions, tough design work which required 100% concentration and creativity. We had no draftsman or consultant this time around so most of us are one-man show people. I was keeping the momentum going maybe which made people around me hardly notice..haha. Lalu tak lalu, i filled up my tummy with breakfast and snacks every two hours to keep the energy going. Memang tak lalu tapi kna telan. Muntah tak muntah blkg kira. Water intake mmg 1.5L by noon. Kalau muntah lagi kna top up. By zuhur, everybody was already tired kan, pregnant or not. So i blended in quite unnoticeable.kikiki. By the time, we reached home, i was already flat. Flat which means no energy at all, i only want to sleep thingy, you get what i mean? The boys were lucky daddy didn't have to go for night shift this time. I slept after maghrib till 10 or 11, and then woke up starving. Grab a quick bite, do some chores (mostly laundry jalah), read my fav book for 30mins, then i was off again till 6.30am. I was really exhausted that time. Sobs. 

And..this went on for weeks.

Until week 15 ;) Then the nausea subsidued. Alhmdulillah. As expected and as i prayed for alhmdulillah. By last week only i tried to cook, tried seafood and it was ok. The nausea had left..yay! One of the kitchen knob was even stuck due to 3 mths underutilized.. not being utilized to be exact ;p Sorry dapur, we need to replace you soon.   

Well, so here we are. Week 18. Some ticker counts week 17 some week 19. Well just let say the baby's due by end on Sept :) The mild kicks can already be felt, so mild but promising inshallah. I really do hope the baby is healthy, happy and cukup sifat semuanya. The mommy also healthy as well. During carrying Amsyar, i had no complications alhmdulillah. Hb cantik, bp cantik alhmdulillah. Breastfeeding journey was for 2years alhmdulillah. Rezeki Zulhafidzey Amsyar belaka. Kali ni mudah mudahan murah rezeki utk baby no 3 juga! Amin!

Additional supplements for baby no 3 :)

Enough for now, dah panjang sgt ni. Pray for a girl for me this time tau kawan kawan. Manatau ada yang makbul doanya dikalangan kita. Pray for a smooth journey and delivery as well, amin :)

ps- still hoping for a babymoon vacay soon daddy please :)


SARAH AMIN said...

umm amsyar..congrates! jaga kesihatan kay

Ummu Iman Amsyar said...

Thank you mami adam ;)


jom terjah :)
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