Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ola bola 2016

There's a lot of things we could learn from a movie. Ola bola sends a whole lot. A great movie, tho i missed the movie screenings at choose to watch it just at home, the greatness is still there. And what's more to it is that, the spirit and the nasionalism in it that counts. 

I could relate that a bit working in a national car manufacturer. I bet my friends in Petronas, TNB, MAS and few other 'national' GLCs can relate to that as well where the flag we bring with us is always the jalur gemilang :)

Stay strong :)

" Walaupun saya hanya satu skru kecil, saya mahu jadi skru yang bermakna!"

Happy worker's day 2016.
Once a protonian always a protonian :)



1 comment:

SARAH AMIN said...

kamu bukan skru kecil..kamu adalah radiator yg efficient..hihi suka jugak cerita ola bola


jom terjah :)
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