Saturday, November 19, 2016

Breastfeeding journey 3.0

50 days post partum, the journey this time has already its ups n downs. Mikhail had been a good boy, latching directly from day 0 alhmdulillah. I've been given the chance for skin to skin from birth for him tho I had a c-section delivery which led to direct milk production alhmdulillah.

Mikhail had some jaundice problem for his first 2 weeks of life which needs me to wake him up every 2hours and sometimes my condition had made me too tired to wake him up. Ending up to my breasts to swollen and engorged. I had to pump out some to lessen the pain. But the colesterum is thick so I managed to get 2-3oz only despite the engorgement.

I had issues with cracked nipples as well! Sob! And it was really bad I cried on each feed!! I tried few tricks including putting a lil bit of ebm on the tits and let it dry but it didn't work. Then I tried bepanthen, and tried proper areola latching and voila. Elok kejap ja.. Bepanthen mmg jadi la..alhmdulillah. If baby develop merah merah pre nappy rash pun elok cpt. One time sapu dh OK. Alhmdulillah..

10 days to go to start working guys! I had to stock up some ebm at least for baby Mikhail. The .trick is actually to pump the excess milk after each feed. Every feed if possible. And keep the yield to be stored together. I'm not an oversupply mom so my daily excess yield would be around 7-8oz only (200-250ml) but that would do good for 3 feeds inshallah. and by emptying the breast, the refill would be much more. And of course I need my milk boosters as well. As for now, oats, hot Milo, coffee and red dates tea works for me alhmdulillah. Kena mkn nasi for quality thick milk for me. Adoi.. Lapar every time, all the time..

I guess that's for now.praying hard for this journey around at least for the first 180days (6mths). Inshallah.



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