Monday, August 29, 2016

A long week..

...or may i say weeks!

Absent from the office for the last 2weeks, i worked only 2 weeks for the whole august! its a long story! But to cut it short, i've been hospitalized for 6 days in Putrajaya Hospital, my sister gave birth to beautiful baby girl (23rd), and my parents when to off for hajj last saturday (28th). So many things can happen in one week, right? Alhmdulillah, everything went well. I have been discharged before mom left, and i was hospitalized in the room beside my sister's which enables me to help her once in a while :)

In the office today settling few items. preparing for my boss pre maternity break items, tho he got most items covered already due to my absent these few weeks :) Not my mistake i have literally no assistant after one colleague left in 2014 :) And then my boss arranged for me to being partner-ed with one being thrown out from her previous group..hehehe. Buang, and recruit baru. Our group left with the one they dont want anymore. Sigh. I am open, i accept anyone, but if you do not want to learn, its not my problem :)

im still pregnant tho~
Hospitalization was for pre-eclampsia, which i guess needs a special post for it. My doctor (specialist handling my case) was so careful in discharging me, she actually really refused to let me go by day 6!

Oklah thats all for today's update. Kita tgk what happens for 1/9/2016 which is my next appointment with the hospital specialist. Sept baby afterall. Inshallah :)

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