Monday, December 5, 2016

First Day of Work

Hari ketiga kembali be kerja sbnrnya! Started on Thursday 1dec aritu alhmdulillah..Monday blues as usual. With boss cuti.hubs cuti..well, work must go on kan?

It's December already BTW.and today's mak's birthday! Ah I miss mak. She's away ikut my dad on his business trip, the perks of being a cikgu I must say : cuti akhir tahun panjang! Well, happy birthday mak! Next week kita celebrate,k? :)

Well, also marks my 3rd breastfeeding journey as a working mom. I don't know why but my supply this days is just enough. no more plus but its OK lah.alhmdulillah. Mikhail drinks only 3oz x 6bottles at the moment so taking home 18oz is a must :) let's see how it goes. And loving my lacte pump BTW. Best best. Nanti kita review after 6mths mcmana..

See u guys!
Missing my lil guy.



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jom terjah :)
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