Thursday, September 3, 2015

Post Merdeka Celebration! - Port Dickson Picnic!

The long weekends was really a nice one for us. My sister Aliyya and brother Ali were home and so as hubs youngest brother Zakwan.  Our small house was a tumbled one that weekend but i just liked it with family at home. All i do is cook and voila habis! Im one happy mommy indeed.

Astro gave free channels for merdeka so they were glued onto the couch with movies back to back la. So on Monday we planned for a picnic nearby instead. Hubs suggested Ulu Bendol. Tapi i said takmolah as it was quite far from us. 30mins from home we have PD. So yeay! Beach picnic!

I cooked nasi lemak sambal udang and some beehun, and off we went! Yeay! It was a sunny day and the boys of course enjoyed it. Everybody was sunburnt including mommy. I had some nap under the trees just relaxing my mind. It is just nice to have all of that once in a while. Takyahlah nk travel jejauh sgt..nanti cuti panjang kita p travel

Hubby suggested for a barbecue. Tp it was quite tedious with all the charcoal and whatnots, we just had the hotdogs grilled earlier and just have them on the beach. Next time perhaps kan? :) Nice beach nice view. Mashallah.

My brother even had the kite flying. it was hot and windy and nice. I dozed off in no time. Penat masak nasi lomak pagi td tu.hahaha. Well, everybody had fun :) Petang tu hantar Aliyya to Seremban, Zakwan to Kajang and back we went home! Esok sekolah! :)

Next trip in 9 days! Yeay! Cant wait! It'll be Iman and Amsyar's first bus trip! I really do enjoy life now without small babies. Lets have some fun ya boys? The new baby can wait :)

See u!



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