Thursday, September 17, 2015

Selamat Hari Malaysia!

Hello there! Selamat Hari Malaysia lovelies!
Hopefully everyone had a great day for the public holiday yesterday..heheh :)

Haze is getting better today i guess but its still really gloomy outside, even the laundry washed does not come crisp from the line. API still shows high number above 150 but the cloud gets much clear. I was down with tonsillitis fever on Tuesday and got an MC. I then begged hubs to not go to work on Wednesday (yes, he does public holidays as well) as i have no more energy to attend to the kids. Tuesday was really a mess, the boys school was closed (due to haze).

Hubs did all the housework on Malaysia day. The only chore i did was : cooking! Lunch and bihun for breakfast :) Lunch was quite simple too, but as hubs did all the work and it quite impressed me, i cooked for him ayam gulai and his favorite paru berlada. Yeah..a man with a happy stomach is a happy man indeed :)

I was about to make him his favorite bubur jagung (yeahh..see why hubs size changed in 5 yrs), when he suggested we go to Nilai 3 to find few things his mother asked us to get here in KL (read -Nilai3). So no bubur for today. and we had a quick bite after Maghrib in Nilai Mc Donalds to get those happy meals for the boys.

I havent start my write-up on Legoland yet. Yups! We had a blast! but legoland really calls for 2nd and 3rd visits as one day is not enough to cover all. sigh! I'll try to write something soon. Inshallah. Hmmm bilalah tu ek?

Have you read about this smart young guy named Ahmed who was caught at school for a digital clock he invented? amazingly he had really brought some new sights on racism and islamophobia, and great minds recognizes a budding great mind. Google, FB founder and even twitter founder asked him if he would be interested for some internship at their places. wow. thats a real wow!

Bravo ahmed! Bagus..great to hear that the charges were dropped already. Alhmdulillah. But surely the US goverment surely is keeping their eyes open at this young genius. In 10 years time, only Allah knows what he's capable of. Mashallah.

Have a great day ugaiz.

Love Zahra

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