Thursday, April 9, 2015

First Stadium Match for the boys! Kelantan VS Sime Darby

Last night (well tuesday night ;p) was epic as it was Iman's first stadium football match experience. Well for amsyar as well of course. All were really excited, and we chose this match as it would not be as dangerous as the finals. The match was in Selayang MPS stadium, so it took us 30 mins to reach there :)

No tix for kids 4 and below.

I was as excited as the kids although we were tied 1-1 as the final whistle blew off. The Kelantan seats were quite full so we just opted to be seated at the empty Sime Darby side. It was OK as the view was superb. The only thing is that the seats were really dusty it made the kids hands black and stained. hmm..potong betul

This time they were actively jumping up and down the stadium and attention span for the match was only hmm a good fine 15 mins. oklah mommy's attention span was a mere 20 mins je pun. Then i was head hunting for goodlooking players. hahaha. ok ok. I was head hunting quietly. BTW khairul fahmi looks much  better not so skinny these days. hehehe.

Tips to bring small kids to a big game

1. Bring a lot of tidbit foodies like peanuts, biscuits, fruits, juices etc. Bring them in your big handbag and if being caught tell the guards its baby food
2. To experience a good stadium memory, don't start with a high profile game (E.g -finals, red giants vs red warriors). The crowd will be too suffocating and it might grew dangerous for small kids.
3. Have dinner beforehand so that the lil guys wont get cranky.
4. Do not attempt to fish their good behavior with gadgets, they'll miss the game.
5. Last but not least, talk to them about the game. Who's playing, which side we're on now. Why you can't join the game now and play ball with them..hahaha ok get it right?

So good luck! :)

We head back home aroung 10.45pm and reached home around 11.30 after few pit stops. Well MPS stadium selayang was not that far actually from Saujana Putra. The boys were already tired and dozed off before we even got out from the stadium's compound. They were happy tho.

And so was mommy. Because could spend time with daddy. Next game, send mommy to the nearby spa ok. I'm done headhunting.he he he

Kbai.Have a nice day!



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