Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunny Days, Windy Nights


Monday again.

And somehow time flies really fast these days. Weekends at home was too fast..I didn't even get the laundry folded this week! Kpi tak met :p But it was quite refreshing with book sessions with the boys, we whipped up some easy brownies together, had some morning exercise and poooffffff the weekends had gone by :)

Maybe we'll find some more time to whip up things later this week. I'm actually really looking forward for the 4days off in this coming May. Yeahhh.. And there will be birthdays and anniversaries and exams..oh May!

Iman n amsyar looks much improved ever since attending preschool. More composed, more behaved with all the pleases and thank yous but there's so much more to absorb from the surround. I really have no heart to force the boys to finish their homework from school. At this age let them just enjoy school. And for the exams, I really don't know whether to push or not to push. But I remembered my mother never pushes and all of us grew up OK and well reminded of what our responsibilities are without being pushed.

Let them be like that lah kan?

Two weeks more to May!


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