Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Resipi Kastad Cocktail

The Pudding

1pack (100g) Tepung Hon Kue (I use Nona)
2 tbsp Custard Powder
3 Cups Water
1 1/2 cup susu sejat (evaporated milk-i use Carnation)
1cup sugar

Mix thoroughly all in a pot. Heat up pot in low heat while continuously stirring. Until mixture becomes thick. Pour in serving bowl and cool.

Cut into cubes, and serve with cold mixed fruit cocktail n evaporated milk.

One of our family most favorite dishes/desserts. All year around and evergreen :) Quite occupied these days even to blog! *sigh*. And without blogging its kinda feel like not really de-stressing correctly. Need to find time to blog more often kan? For myself. For you ;)

Try taww recipe ni :) Moga dpt dimanfaatkan dan dipermudahkan rezeki kita kita semuaaaa.... Amin!


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