Friday, November 21, 2014

Tadika Arif Minda BSP dihatiku


Zulhadzrey Iman is three this yr going on four next February. Born as the first of the first, he is highly spirited and strong willed. My son, my first born.

The moment I found out of this school, I was really excited to know what they have to offer, and alhmduliillah forking out pennies from my small 'ladybug' bank, we managed to pay the registration fees. Today 11mths later, I felt it was worth every penny alhmdulillah.

Iman, my rough small boy now changes into a small soft spoken boy, independent and witty as he should. The environment and growth development have transformed my quiet mysterious munchkin into a creative chatterbox. Alhmdulillah. All these positive improvements were what I hoped for actually from his school. He has tones of friends and is noticably much more happier, alhmdulillah. As a mother, that is enough for me.

In terms of books and academical items, this school had put me beyond expectations for a playschool. So far, Iman nvr had homeworks which I like about it. All learnings and projects were done at school. On final report card day, I was presented with 3 scrapbooks of activities all year along.mashallah.

For a 3yo, i was astonished to find out that Iman had finished his Furqan, Read-easy and Bacalah Anakku book 1. Knowing his tantrums, hyperactiveness and dramas, this made me proud. Alhmdulillah Iman, u hv made it! Thank u Allah. Thank u teachers! :)

They have a lot of activities, but this year the only thing that bothers me is there were no sports day.hmm.. But they have a year end ihtifal. Kids performing in drama, pantomime, dance and singings. I was amazed on how iman's teacher can get him dancing in line for a whole 10mins presentation. 5 and 6 year olds were given tasks of becoming emcees of the day.

Final verdict of this school :: of course 5*! Yeay.
Cleanliness is alhmdulillah never an issue. Alhmdulillah for this rizq Ya Allah. Mashallah.
Congrats Arifminda team.keep it up.

Thank u teachers.jzkk
I'm trusting u with another munchkin next year #zulhafidzeyAmsyar :)



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