Thursday, November 13, 2014

Restoran Bisikbisik Seksyen 7 Shah Alam

Alhmdulillah we had a chance to grab dinner here last night. Located near to UniSel just across the well known Hakim restaurant, this place was not difficult to locate.

Serving a variety of food ranging from Johorean authentic delicacies like kacang pol, mee bandung, mee rebus tulang to western staples like fish and chips, we took quite some time to decide on the menu. Johor specialty drinks like air kathira and bandung soda was also available

By last we decided on one nasi goreng and one mee rebus tulang. And tried some bandung soda.

Mee rebus tulang

The famous kacang pol

Nasi grg daging merah.

The verdict was... Really great.
Food was nice. Place clean (well quite).
And service was fast!
Price was also affordably cheap!

So all in all we give 4*!

Thumbs up.
Will definitely come again for next menu : mee bandung udang galah! And perhaps more of their marvellous jelly kelapa and otak otak!

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ieza said...

uiks macam sedapa jek dahla dekat gile ngan umah, memang kene try nih, xtau pun ade kdai jual mee udang kat area sek 7, tq zara!

Ummu Iman Amsyar said...

Sedap2. Berasa la food dia..nanti nk try laksa johor dia. Seblah kedai ni ada kedai mee ketam.nak try juga nanti turn :)


jom terjah :)
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