Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11. Post no 3 (--")


Things happens with a cause.
I fight for my rights, then i redha.
That's the way of fighting.

Well, Iman will b on a road trip by bus this Thursday for school end of yr concert. For only being 3yo, of course I don't trust him! but Inshallah, I trust the teachers and Allah. May Allah safe guard you my lil caliph. When I throw my worry thoughts to husband dearest he said I'm worrying for nothing. I commented and he laughed hard at it.

Nak tau apa I commented?

"You senang lah ckp bukan perut u yg kena potong kasi Iman keluar.and bukan tet*k u yg kna hisap n pam kasi anak besar"

Hahaha.emotional sgt eh?haha.
Bila teringat blk patutlah dia gelak.

Can't wait for this wkend :)
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jom terjah :)
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