Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rainbows and rainbow cakes

Hi lovelies!
Baking mood on lately ladies? This shall be my favorite infused cake with my version :) Recipe is already given before.email me if u like to have it personally :)

Favorite of these two. skrg dh pandai request nk bwk g Rumah ibu.as everybody's already in school holidays mood, kita duduk Rumah ibu jelah these 2mths. Next year dua dua dh kna hantar school. Well Iman started playschool at 3 so Amsyar pun we'll do the same.for sure :)

There were some arguments in my fb group talking about appropriate pre-school age.but one mom was so furious about kids being bored at school when sent at small age.her idea was that by 16 they'll already be bored of school.I'm no genius but I know that at this age, if being given a chance I'll continue my studies.its fun to learn new things. Trainings are always things I look forward to being in the workforce so the processes is a long continuous process and have no endings.please..never say knowledge is boring. please!

Wallahi, hati ini berasa berat beberapa hari ini.but all in all I went back to meet my mother to ease the uneasiness. Its just the feeling of meeting this special wonder woman that gives me the calmness its just amazing. I hope my kids will feel some sort of comfort like that too.Inshallah. it is called kembali to fitrah.

Maybe it is my fault of not being open and accepting my in laws as they are. Agaknya kna lbh ikhlas supaya lbh murah rezeki. I kept questioning why my FIL is no longer working, cannot drive far when he is only one yr older than my father. While my father is working his brains out traveling all over the world to complete his tasks, yet his salary is being taxed 26%. Is this what we call justice..but I know I cannot question this.. T_T I don't know why I'm even writing this.

I need some motivations.on life.
Work is OK alhmdulillah.but I think I've been too frank lately that I forgot to be humble. I type emails which I keep for one hour, then reread before hitting the send button.

Please Allah help me.
Berkatilah rezeki anak2ku.


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