Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Balik kampung on a jet plane. September 2014

Hello October! Yeay we're finally in October!
Still a long list to go for 2014.Before stepping into 2015. And its going to Aidil Adha this coming wkend! Yeayy!!

Balik kg tak? Kami beraya di sepang kali ni,Inshallah which is my kg :) Syoknyehh! We had just came back from our 5days break in Kelantan last two weeks. Thanks to AirAsia, now everybody can fly.hihihi. Alhmdulillah rezeki Iman byk kali minta naik flight (as we had countless trips to the airport recently sending off and picking up family), I got some great deals online! Yeay for mommy! The online shopaholic! Well, who doesn't want a great deal,kan?

The boys were really excited! Last time we flew, they were too small to remember.kesian Iman n amsyar, mommy take bawak berjalan Sgt..not yet la.. Definitely we'll go when ur old enough to enjoy n remember ya? Inshallah!

And KLIA2 is huge!!! I guess twice the size of midvalley kot. A shopper's heaven! But walking distance from check in point to terminal is omg! 20-25mins..letih (--")

Alhmdulillah, segalanya flight delays, no fuss esp as we're travelling w children. A thumbs up for AA.

5 days in the kampung we rewinded was recovering beautifully, but i am still scared she might fall down again as she was really enthusiasted and insisted to cook for us. I love to help and cook but my confiemdence ia still not yet there esp when my hubby's family are generations of cooks, they bleed food blood :p. But I whipped up few pots as well juga lah..a pot of nasal leak udang, some mee goreng (not some la it was a huge kuali) and several more. Quite difficult to balance tho as the chilli tolerance level is quite low up there..and they were used to ajinomoto in every dish where as there are no such thing as aji in my kitchen :p

me, I love going back to the peaceful beautiful just the sense of calmness of just by living there, where the pace lags at your own likings :) bila tag nk balik lg ntah. Let me know if there's any low rate offers running on the net,ya?

*On the way back, kami satu flight dgn pokcik2 nak ke Klia nk teruskan perjalanan menunaikan haji..Tp bila mai cabin crew tlg tutup compartment atas kepala..kemain kuat pakcik beristighfar.Tp mata masih memandang..he he he..pokcik pokcik..moga mendapat haji yg mabrur ya? ;p

Till then, enjoy October!!
Selamat Hari Raya Haji! ;p

**mee celup repek, and eddlee fried chicken :: only in Kelantan :)
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