Friday, October 31, 2014

What r u looking for?

When the pay is nothing to be proud of, but the sense of the human bond and the working environment that keeps you going, a higher pay with none of all these is just not worth it.

What is it really or looking for in your career life? Is it really the monthly pay. Should u really fall into modern slavery for relatively higher pay? How can that turn you into a better Muslim? Are u sure the money they pay u is halal?

The money is for the betterment of your kids but how sure are you that those companies aren't donating half of its multi million fortune manipulating your intelligence to kill other Muslims across the globe.

How is your relationship with the new environment? The new girl next door. How should all these brings u back to Allah?

Things to ponder, don't they? In the end what r you really looking for? Good money? Good friends? Good food on the table? Or just not all is worth.

Do your job, full heartedly. If u don't like it,just leave it. If you like it but don't like the pay. Please remember rezeki Allah comes in so many have a circle of friends who really cares is a rezeki. A colleague next 2ur table who doesn't steal your pens or fart openly is a rezeki. A boss who doesn't shout is a rezeqi. Having friends who does not smell is a rezeqi. Well, we all have met weirdest people on the earth don't we? Hahaha

Syukur.that's the key.
Try to b happy with the things you already have than with what you do not have yet.
That is what I told the kids.

Well kiasu mommy in da house.


Till then. Love u all!



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