Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Iman, and some things in between :)

Hi mommies,

What do u think about IRIZ? Have u test drived yet? Please do so :) By doing so I mean, drive to test bukan pergi masuk kereta pegang2 steering and dashboard ya..

I have mixed feelings for this baby this time. Ahh..takpelah we save those feelings for later.

As for iman, it had been nearly 10mths of schooling and alhmdulillah for a 3 yr old he had improved a lot in terms of his communication skills, and also social interaction. I plan to send amsyar to school as well but we'll see about that :) The misery of me suspecting him of having mild autism is still there and now as he starts talking, I believe I have to give him more attention. His sentences are really long and complex. It raises my consent just listening to them..are these signs? Am I just paranoid.

Last nite he asked me "mommy may I have some more please? This is the last time, pinky promise.." Shoving his pinky finger to me.I was quite stunned.it was in perfect English.stunned in a way, was I supposed to be concerned a 3 yr old could speak this way.and I nvr do pinky promises before.never.

I found him several times, counting ants on the floor, and counting circles on my bed sheet and when he reached 11, he started 1 all over again as he only knew to count until 11 as for now. Counting grass in front of our house.and sometime the cars that passes by. Am I just over worrying? I wonder.

In any way he's still my sweet cupcake. My lil pumpkin. My baby.

We'll really postpone on having another baby this time. My 2previous scars should be a perfect reason for those inquiring. Deep inside, we really need more time. This time of the decade, quality is what counts. I beg to differ if you think quantity is treasure.

Syukur diberikan segala nikmat dan rezeki alhmdulillah.We're struggling of course.but others out there are even worst than us. So who are we to question what's should be and what should be not. Life is as we sculptor it to be and to believe, what is out of our control is under Allah's hand.

I really believe, my marriage was an eye opener to me when my in laws who are struggling to make ends meet in daily basis. And how I could help them.

I am no rich girl.but I learnt to live in modest n simplicity.enjoy the best of life and stop complaining.and don't value worldly things as much. Growing up in poverty, my husband had learnt the other way around and valued brands and high status and was surprised to find out my family does not even care if some clothes we own are from bundle shops (kehkehkeh). I think maturity also played a great role in this.
This marriage was an eye-opener for him too.
Alhamdulillah..so much differences and too little in common makes it much fun to dig more from each other each day :)

Enjoy your day mommies! Do drop me a comment if you have anything to say esp about Iman's condition.
Feel free to write : zahraroslan@gmail.com

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