Monday, October 27, 2014

Kitchen Theraphy


Lama dh xmencoret disini.busy these days.
Last week took a toll on me..and I don't like it.
Iman was down with HFMD from school, amsyar on one night fever and work was abundant on me. Fortunately there were some spikes on a farewell party at Arawsha and a day off for deepavali. But despite all of that, I was quite stressed out.. (T_T)

So on Friday I decided to punch some dough in imagining it as somebody's face.hahaha psycho mommy! And resulted onto few dishes for my family. We transformed some wheat into pizzas and yes this is really thereupathic.

And had some for frozen stock as we can have karipaps and pizza all week.hahaha.

I'll put the recipe later just for keepsake.

Hubby dearest was w the kids when mommy was busy.could u guess what he was drawing on request by Iman..the one besides the fish?

 Hahahahaha..dah teka?

Its a frog!


Iman on bowling day deepavali.

And last but not least. Our lovely farewell luncheon. Bye bye kikinn..may u always success in all your dreams

Mommy group with kikinn hiding in da middle

Till then,


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