Friday, May 2, 2014

The Chocolate Muzium Kota Damansara. A lovely visit :)

Last Saturday, we had a short trip to the Chocolate Muzium Kota Damansara. Excited as always to go anywhere, we joined daddy's office club to have a look of what is there so near yet never known to exist Museum. hehehe.

Frankly I was shocked to hear that there is a chocolate museum nearby..lorrrrrrrrrr..

Situated in KD the place was a industrial park building right behind Super Ceramic Damansara building if you're from Sg Buloh/Subang. Let me share the map..urm well later :)

The trip started with a breakfast at a breakfast stop in Alam Megah. We had some laksam and nasi kerabu that filled us all beyond lunch. Nice choice of breakfast stop. Sedapp! :) Then all convoi-ed to KD which consisted of 5 or 6 cars (Hehehe..tak ingat den dah tua) lead by hubby's colleague.

We arrived at the Museum at 10-ish am, and waited for all other families to arrive.
Upon arrival. there was already 2 buses filled with kindergarden kids already there. allamakkk.. Layankan i have two pre-schoolers myself, so it was interesting for them.

The building from outside

Well, the musuem was really not that big and consisted of a chocolate shop, the museum, an open kitchen for chocolate making demo and also last but not least - the cafetaria which sells treats like chocolate muffins, coffee and cakes. Outside was a garden planted with several cocoa trees which are great for knowledge for the younger ones. We tried the nice chocolate muffin and a cherry cheese mousse. Thumbs up for the mousse. Nyum nyum!

The museum was displaying mostly of the history of the cocoa itself, forms of cocoa-cocoa fat, cocoa liquor, etc etc, and there was also an interactive body mapping display which shows what cocoa does to ur body. Surprisingly,one says its good for losing weight..hahaha.. yalah tu..ok then i'll take the word..kehkehkeh..

Then we joined the kindy group for the chocolate demo, inside a kitchen seperated from the audience by a glass window. Whilst iman was more interested playing with the cocoa antique grinder. The children were then allowed to taste some of the chocolates made, hehehe. Nice experience for them. Around the demo kitchen were several display sculptors crafted with chocolate that was amusing. 

Outside, in the cafetaria area was a sculptor of KLCC towering i guess twice my height. magnificento! Daddy says its only coated so its nothing to be amazed at. Yakin jer tau. Well, what if its not? Kannn? Tentulah kagum kan? ;p

Man reading a book to children sculptor
Dragon Sculptor

Well. we ended the visit with of course some shopping at the chocolate shop. A lot of choices of imported brands. We bought some milka chocs, which are one of my favorites, but of course duty free rantau panjang lagi murah..hehehe. I wanted to buy some hershey's reese peanut butter cups, tapi the smallest pack was RM40. No no lah, if i buy RM40 worth of chocs, i might be ended up getting all rm40 in my system....BIG NO NO!!!! Ehemmmm 

As the trip was quite shop, most of the families headed next to Pusat Science Negara. Kita beranak kecil kecil lagi takyahlah nk pusat science lagi sebab kecil sgt nak paham konsep sains in the National Science Center.

So kita g mana?? G Ikea!!!!Daddy ngidam sgt nak meatballs.

Kemain mkn meatballs with the jam. :)

All in all, the museum was ok lah for a short visit. Saya bagi 3bintang!! Sb ada mousse yang sedap.hehehe.
Nice place yang penting..ada aircond..kehkehkeh.

Well, panjang berjela dah entry for today. Dh rugi waktu nak tido ptg2 jumaat yang hujan ni.. ;p

Till then,
Happy weekends lovelies!


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Azlinda Azman said...

nanti nk g vivit muzium ni gak le btw sdapnya meatball


jom terjah :)
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