Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Syukur pada apa yang ada

Salam lovelies :)

Alhmdulillah, back in the office today. Was on EL yesterday as Iman was down w conjunctivitis on mommy's birthday. Sobs! So I took one day off to take care of him esp in terms of food as being adviced by the doctor. Only one day la kot..coz he seems to be progressing well alhmdulillah. And of course we did the old wives tales suggestions - a drop of mommy's milk ;) Effective tau.try it.ikhtiar.

Sleeping in...sebab CUTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food restrictions was the norm -no so called itch/allergy provoking food like eggs, chicken, prawns, only meat, and fishes with scales. So, we had shell pasta with Arabian sauce.hehe..Arabian la sgt..I just substituted oregano w cumin.and the rest was as usual, tomato paste, carrots, ground beef. The boys loved it!! :)

Then, I was really thinking hard for a tea tine snack that doesn't incorporate eggs in its recipe well, instead of donuts. So I tried this simple dahlia cookies resipe I got from the net. 3ingredients sahaja. Nice!
Well, my nozzles were limited so the dahlia's came out to be roses-like. least still in flower category oklah kan?kehkehkeh. And it tasted sort of meringue-like melts in the mouth style cookies. A little bit like kuih bangkit but minus the santan taste.

Let me share it later for all :) Sedap and senang. Totally will be in my resipe list. I really would like to have a family resipe scrap book. That would be nice kan? For all the recipe's in my kitchen that had 'worked' the way I like it would. This will totally be in my to-do list soon.2014 project kan? Handwritten la kan? A pure classic. Berangan! :p

Lama tak membebel lama.weekends was full with cookings and laughter in the house.and also mommy's pre birthday celebration daddy blanja sate kajang at kajang..yeahh.. Thank u daddy darling. Love you! One of our fav place. Classic need hi end restaurants, we love simplicity :)

Tukang belanja

Enough for now.kita update sikit2. Saje as kenangan, once in a while saja2 nak buka balik dan baca. Kongsi apa yg kita suka, apa yg berlaku, ilmu skali skala. Tujuan berblog dgn ertikata sbnr
Betul lah kata kata seorg kwn, klu tulis tp taknak org baca..tulis aje dlm word.simpan dlm hard disk :p

Till then,

Ps- got a call already from CIMB admitting internal problems in their Cimbclicks online clickers out there hati hati kalau ada yg pelik :)

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