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Kisah Mata Iman 5/5-26/5 2014

Iman was diagnosed with :: pseudomembrane conjunctivitis w epithelial defect, sever anterior uveitis and hypopyon in anterior chamber.

A rare conjunctivitis that usually happens only among adults. Alhmdulillah as of today, iman survived.

It started as normal as any conjunctivitis. We treated it with eye drops from our local clinic and kept iman away from school. Then the antibiotics finished and the redness subsidued, but unfortunately after awhile, the upper eyelids suddenly flared. The eyes were swollen, and red. And Iman was really in pain at that time. The same clinic we went earlier referred us directly to DEMC. The meds from the clinic contained steroids.That should work on normal conjunctivitis. But when this happened, somethibg was wrong.

DEMC immediately admitted iman. Alhmdulillah, as we were covered by 45k, no deposites were needed. Alhmdulillah.Thnx proton as well for the coverage.

Two specialists attended Iman, Dr Fadzillah (paeds) and Dr Haida (ophthal) for the whole 3days as Iman was also feverish.

The 2nd day Dr Haida examined Iman's eye and saw an epithelial defect in his eye (Mata hitam). His eyes were hazy and she found there was also hypopyon in his anterior chamber. (nanah). She gave Iman a 12hrs challenge with one antibiotics that was shot into his eyes every hour. We didn't sleep throughout the night that night as the nurse came once in every hour for the antibiotics. Coming 7am, iman was started on a special antibiotics every 15mins.

By 8.30am we were sent back down to Dr Haida's clinic for examination.

Surprisingly, the antibiotics didn't work and the defect was getting worse. Dr Haida was really worried that we might lose Iman's eye if the bacteria had gone worse eating his nerves in the back of his eyes. I was devastated with the news and couldn't hold my tears. She said its ok as the eye could be replaced by a rock eye. Rock eye???? Gila! This is my baby we're talking about here.

DEMC as a small hospital doesnt have the equipment to scan the back of Iman's eye to see the nerves. She recommended her 'tokguru' for paeds ophtal in Selayang Hospital. She told us that the best ophthalmologists and facilities are in Selayang Hospital. She wanted us to go by ambulance, but I refused.We'll go by ourselves.

DEMC discharged us with referal letters to Selayang Hospital. Fortunately we arrived at selayang at 3.30pm upon all clearance with DEMC and was immediately rushed to the specialist there. Iman was again examined and scanned and was admitted. The ophthalmologist there said that this was a very rare case among little children and opted for another antibiotic challenge that night.
Lightheaded from the one each hour course last night mommy was a little furious when the nurse refused to give us a one bedded room, I challanged the medical officer why private servants are not allowed to have one bedded room? By last, boleh je sbnrnya..but needed some staff nurse approval. Lorr..

We were given another antibiotics to be dropped into iman's eye every 15mins for the said challenge from 5pm to 8pm. At 8pm the specialist came again for viewing.

Alhmdulillah..the verdict for that night was : Iman had an allergy reaction with the DEMC antibiotics. His scan results came out clear that night. We were really lucky that we were fast enough or else Iman might lost his right eye sight permanently :'( The Doc gave simple instructions on how to monitor iman throughout the night. The head of ophthalmology dept would like to view iman 1st thing tomorrow.

We were left 1hr with nobody attending to us afterwards. I decided to flee back home, taking Iman and all. Bkn susah was so easy there.hehehe.

Once arrived home, the hospital called saying they're sending out police after us for fleeing. Urm.

We decided just to sleep and went back first thing the next morning.What the heck!

Gila lah mcm drama.

The next morning, we were waited by Dr Fariza the ophthal dept head for Iman's check up. We apologized and she further said she understands. We were then being put under her wings. iman's conditions were showing improvement we were given 2days conditional rest and the choice of either being warded or just discharged but have to come back on Sunday morning.

We chose to go back home.Of course!

Maka blk la..

On Sunday, Doctor Aziah, on of the ophtal specialist attended to us.

Maybe kita cerita part 2 pulak..boleh?
Tak settle lg sbnrnya..nk kna g Putrajaya hosp for follow fact this is the 8th time kena dtg for daily check up.

So bg iolls g dlu ya?

Bubbye!!! be cont..

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