Tuesday, September 3, 2013

R&D/Engineering Ladies Raya Gath 2013 :)

Hi ladies!
Sept already :) 3mths to 2014 uols! So quick. So fast!
Despite the 10% increase in the petrol dept, me here want to share some pics from our Raya potluck gath last 2wks :)

Pot luck and women are so typically into each other, kan?

Hopefully this event shall be an annual event and maybe we could consider inviting those piranha men too next year..if they agreed to piece in the lucky pots too..hehehe.

In the world dominated by men, to have the women united is really a bliss :)

Missing some good friends who had chosen different paths already..but the saga still remains for those who stays :)

lucky pots!!

Rewang :)


Current Chassis girls..the newbies. And the ones who are too stubborn to leave ;p

Tapau queen..hehehehehe

Yours truly and colleages :)

May this ukhuwah be fillah and full of barakah ;)



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jom terjah :)
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