Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello there? Anybody home?

Still in da office.........

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!!
I need my 3 days break this weekend!!!!!!


Need to syukur for what he gave me.

I do love my job.
Sometimes it really takes the real lion in me to roar to the bullshits they're playing around.
But is till do it woman-ly.
At least that's how i think.

And the bosses..are sometimes too old too keep up with us younger people.
Being older doesn;t really makes you smarter actually.

I think 20% up from last year would be paying much for the efforts i'm doing now.
And going better.
The only one thing is to not get pregnant!!
Or else. Habis.
My company is rigid and discriminate like that.

Take it or leave.
Many more are anxious to join.
Just praying KJ would lead us to the right path.

**jom balik!! Mlm jumaat oi! Rugi oi!!



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jom terjah :)
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