Monday, September 30, 2013

Professionalism & Bye bye September!! :)

Just to share some keys to success in ur workplace anywhere you go and in any situation :

Respect other people.Respect. Respect. Never jatuhkan air muka org. No No No..
Never post or repost things (eg email) intended to show you're better than others.
Stay calm but stay firm with any decision.
No means no. But always be considerate with circumstances

Get your job done!
Complaint, but do not complaint too  much

Be grateful.
The grass is almost at all times greener at the other side..from far!


Bye bye Sept.
May we meet again next year. Inshallah

Missing these two muchkins today!

All day monday blues missing them both!
Iman has a fever and Amsyar down with flu.

Hopefully nice mommies out there could pray for their quick recovery as well.
Inshallah! :)

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jom terjah :)
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