Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I-City di malam minggu. Yeay! :)

Last weekend we brought Iman and Amsyar for their 1st trip to I-city. Lama oi x jejak i-city. The last time was in 2010 when we just got married. Seems like a lot had changed ever since but the artificial lighted trees remained the main attraction here.The main agenda was actually to meet my lovely lil sister in law yang follow a trip to KL after her UPSR exam. Saje je lah jumpa mugo dh dekat benar.

Cik Iffah and Amsyar :)
Iman fell asleep and was amused when we arrived as if he stepped in a wonderland.
Well, i would be too i a were in his shoes.haha.

The rides were quite pricey but enjoyable. We chose the not so scary ones and of course kiddy like for darling Iman and Amsyar : The Giant Wheel and The Double Decker Merry go round. The Giant wheel cost us RM10 per person whilst the Merry go round RM5. Both kids got to ride for free sebab tak sampai 90cm lg. Iman is already 89cm, though! Quite tall for his age :)

Just some pictures of us.Though not that nice due to the darkness ;p
Just enjoying the breeze of a weekend night together. Orang melayu kata ambil angin :)

Daddy and the boys.

On the way to the Giant wheel. Ramai org kena beratur :)

Daddy gayat! hihihi

On the Giant Wheel.

Merry go round

Alhamdulillah, fun and interesting place to be for Iman and Amsyar:)
Nanti kita dtg lagi. Dekat je tapi tak sampai sampai :)



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