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Our One-day Legoland Trip!

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Finally the entry on legoland!! Well here it goes! Last (few) saturdays (12th Sept 2015), we went on a day trip to Legoland via Kelab Proton. (Mashallah dh lebih sebulan tak update lagi! OMG!) Thanks to the club, we managed to get really cheap tix plus transportation to and fro, so yeay! It was Iman and Amsyar's first long distance bus trip so at first i was not really sure what to expect. We brought food and a bundle of extra shirts in case the kids threw-up in the bus. 5am sharp, all 9 buses from proton left Proton premises heading South to Johore! Yeay!!

Daddy n Iman on the bus

Me, and the RND gang :) - kakbib, rahmah and Z. 

After a few pit stops, solat at RNR seremban and breakfast, we arrived Legoland around 10-ish. It was running late so we rushed to grab as many rides as we could! As Amsyar is only 3 and is shorter than minimum height, there were a lot of rides restricted for him. Pitying him, we skipped all rides that could not include him, but still enjoyed the rides he could play. Tu pun we didnt manage to get all rides! :) Time was really against us..huhuhu.

If you're planning to come here, Legoland is actually divided into several activity zones and separates the wet park with the dry park. The activity zones im talking about is actually the dry park.

Zones includes

  • The Beginning
  • LEGO Kingdom
  • Imangination
  • Land Of Adventure
  • Lego City and ..
  • Miniland
Banyak rides yg menarik and open playground for the kids to play with. But we skipped most of the playgrounds to get more rides covered. Well we skipped the entire Kingdom and Lego Technic place which was quite a waste. Surely kena dtg lagi ni.sehari mmg xcukup nak cover semua. The kids were exhausted but really happy. penat but happy alhmdulillah. and they remembered most of the rides. Alhmdulillah. Nak review satu satu pun tak berapa feel bila dh lama2 ni. You can click the link below for further information.

View interactively here

Our map.

As amsyar is not 90cm yet kenalah cr games/rides that fit for him. Banyak jugalah wpn byk yg tak boleh naik. Tu pun byk yg kna skip skip skip. Rugi! Masa kami g tu, bukan cuti sekolah or public hols so waiting time for each ride mmg singkat or no need to queue at all. As all of us have different preferences, we split up at the entrance and move in small family groups, kadang kadang je terseremepak. We aimed for the dry park first, nanti dh penat p berendam at the water park :)

 Our first pit-stop = Junior driving School. The ride was simpler for toddlers (2-6yrs old) and much exciting for the bigger kids. Nanti inshallah we come again for the bigger kids ride ya..and for all the rides u boys arent tall enough to ride at the moment :)

Lets just enjoy the pics  which are not really in order :)

Amsyar trying hard to control the car ;). Iman was already a pro ;p

One of the landmarks

Inside the 4D cinema. Nice one with all water splashes and all

Behind legoland hotel. Huge Knights!

Iman from inside Legoland Express

On the Lego Express train. Daddy berkerut panas

Teman iman on Beetle Bounce. OMG what a funny pic

We had our lunch stop at the Pizza eatery in the middle of Imagination area. The food was really nice tho quite pricey. We had one regular pizza, one spagetti, one casserole of lamb cannelloni and few mugs of brocolli soup for about rm70. The servings was plentiful and the cannelloni..sedap gila!. Thumbs up for this pizza place :) Haih teringat plak. My friends didnt even stopped for lunch but knowing the boys..we need our carbs fix

Lets just enjoy the pictures. This entry so not deserve more delay ;) 

Met Chef Emit in the pizza place :) Kebetulan. Lucky we were indeed! :)

Goofing around with the large lego girrafe :)

We with the Darth Vader

Some miniature of Star Wars planets like Naboo etc. Awesome giller. sorry for the poor lighting

The only waterpark pic we had :P The boys had a great splash here for the last 1hr. But one hour is not really enough!

The tix counter outside Legoland entrance

Maps, Tickets and receipts :)

All in all, the trip was really great. But one day to explore all is really not enough. We'll surely repeat the trip again maybe after the boys are a bit more taller and could enjoy more rides inshallah. For those plannng to come here, dont forget your bottled waters and food packs. They dont check much but do bring in those foodies in discreet to respect them lah. Bawak siap tapau dlm plastic mmg over lah kan. But no-worries, you could always go in and out as much as you like (on the same day) to get a grab at the eateries at the opposite mall :)

Till then Legoland! We'll come again. The bus arrived Proton Shah Alam at 10pm sharp alhmdulillah. Berenti for maghrib in an RnR in JB( tak ingat nama RnR) and dinner. The boys snoozed all the way back whilst mommy stayed awake watching movies. The bus was really dark and quiet mana tak semua tidor. 

The boys really enjoyed everything. Well actually, me too.What a trip! 

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