Friday, October 9, 2015

October dah fact we're already on the 9th!!!

Lotsa happenings these two weeks. I was only at work for two days. Two days for two weeks imagine that? Dah macam org g haji ke apa. Haze already cleared off shah alam's sky and maybe we can see what we can do this weekend around! Iman and Amsyar Nak exam next week..but why not? Being 4 and 3 aren't for exams yet kannnnnnnn... So we'll see whats for the weekends.

Had my first neb after 30 yrs last wednesday. I was diagnosed with bronchitis after few different docs diagnosed me with different things. For those two days, i could hardly breath all the way in and out to parking lot from the office, i thought i was really really gemuk and finally had a heart attack (--") well it turned out that my lungs were filled with phlegm already gluing the alveolar together making the O2 and Co2 exchange really low. which explains why i coudnt catch my breath with the haze, the works and whatnot. Then i was sent for bed rest for 2days. hmm..

I wish I'm a lil more healthier this weekend.inshallah...for these little two munchkins.

Iman writes his own name for the first time! Oh man i was really in awe. i though he was dyslexic all this time! Bad mommy (--")

Time flies ugaiz..dh October ni lagi 2 mths nak 2016. Which is a yay and nay for me. Byk plans ahead for 2016 and 2017 ni. Mommy kena sihat! I talked to hubby about putting off weight but he likes me this way. Hmm..i said, cuba tgk kalau a lil bit off maybe you'll like me more ke?Dia jawap - What if i dont? Haaaaa...cmne tu. But jgn be too surprised i can still wear my baju tunang after 6yrs so oklah kan...mainten gemukk..hmm. i guess yg penting is to be healthy..gemuk ke kurus ke..yg penting kuat and sihat!

See these two.Too jambu to be superheroes eh? Hahahaah.. Tokma kelate slalu sebut..mukanya lembut, orgnya boleh tahan buas..hahaha..true mama.betul sgt doh tu.. G berjalan ke Giant dkt rumah je smlm, grabbing some groceries. Niat nk beli puting bottles je..tuptup receipt 100+ juga..hahaha..biasalah ;p (rasa mcm ambil tembikai rm3.50 je) acaner tah jadik 100 ;P

Happy weekends uols!
Love you all for all these time reading my writings.

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