Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Jerebu in Shah Alam :'(

Announced at 7am this morning that we're here in Shah Alam is at 211 API. So a bigger no-no for me to be outdoors ya. I dont want to repeat my 3-hrs hourly neb. So sorry boss and health is much precious than your projects :)

Nak wish happy wednesday pun dh tak feel. Iman and amsyar dah habis exams. so yeay! But school's out until today.mujur day care buka. Mommy pun dh start feeling mcm tak brp sihat. Mcm nk demam. Nanti we'll see mcm mana. Nak kena settle kan juga works sini. Belum settle psl jerebu timbul plak psl demam kepialu or typhoid ni. Asalan dia from food hygiene and mostly pembawa are foreign workers.Takut and geli ok sb ia adalah jangkitan from fecal-food bacteria transfer yg namanya Salmonella Typhii. Dah kesan maybe also from ice supplier. Nauzubillah. This time around kita avoid "foreign" chefs and cooks, masak kat rumah wpn egg benjo je for dinner..takpa.. :)

Takut kan skrg. mcm2. Kena doa byk2 moga family kita dilindungi. Baru ingat nk p mkn sushi galore rm3 next week. Dah ada cases mcm ni mcm seriau pula.

Take care ugaiz!



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