Monday, September 29, 2014

Alami Proton 2014

In conjunction with the launch of Iriz, Proton had held the plant open for public for the whole 2 days last weekend.

I couldn't resist of bringing the boys in as our workplace is like never opened for public access and we have no authority to bring children in like govt offices or schools (my mom's a teacher- I followed her once in a while)

Both boys were in awe! And alhmdulillah gained some new sights of what's happening in mommy's workplace :) though amsyar dozed off in the middle of the factory visit..he he..

Proton really should do this more often. Those keyboard warriors really put their keyboards down this time after test driving IRIZ.

Belum try test driving? You're in laggard too mucho sis..mommies with babies I really recommend u this car when all the baby seats in the world won't mean anything if you're tucking it in a non safe car. I think the management target for youngsters were a lil bit offset as safety is our selling point yet selling it to hipsters who doesn't even value the seatbelts :)

Enough said. Let's enjoy some photos

Cukuplah tu kan?

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