Monday, September 8, 2014

A walk in KL di malam minggu

Last Sunday night after a birthday party of a friend of mine, we decided to take a stroll into the streets of had been a long time since the last time we've done this. The boys were already fast asleep when we hit federal highway so our plan was on! Going through Bangsar, one of our fav restaurant Ali Cafe was already closed and built a flyover on it to direct to kg abdullah hukum. The roads was empty that time so we had the road to ourselves making observations of once our fav lepak places.

We drove pass Masjid Negara, the old train station and reached Dataran Merdeka which was full with people I think just having a time off di malam minggu like us.these people looked decent enough and some families were even observed. Maybe pesta merdeka was still on as the replica of tugu negara was still there.

We didn't stop and drove on.

We pass the old buildings of Central Market, the jalan silang, and saw many homeless or the gelandangans already calling their day off fast asleep in corridors along CM to kotaraya plaza.Mydin mall of jalan silang is still there.the streets were already empty with just few cars including us.this was once the route I always took during my student days when I had to take the bus home at pudu. Petaling street was still busy with some alphards and accords escorted by policemen.hubby says these were the pure gangsters head of KL. Ohh..

Moving through we passed the old puduraya which had been transformed into UTC. The building was already nice, crooked scary stairs changed into escalators. But busses underneath were still there preserving its main purpose of a historical bus station.

We moved on heading towards Times Square area. Bukit Bintang area which is now the 'new' heart of KL. Passed through the runtuhan area of jalan hangtuah which burst few months ago and got stuck in front of Sungei Wang plaza and Pavillion.Traffic was still heavy here whilst on the other side of the town was already asleep. People were still strolling along roads. A complete difference. People looked nice and loaded and there were no gelandangans sleeping spotted.hmmm..

We moved on. Hubby wants to see what had changed in Chowkit road. Chowkit road??!! Hmm.

We went straight into jalan sultan Ismail passing through shang ri-la and UniKL and went via Jalan TAR. A complete diff view which we cannot get in daytime. Sunyi je..seronok tgk. We passed the legendary Asoka Palaikat the first kain pelekat importer in malaysia and turned into jln raja laut.

Then we reached chowkit.

Nothing changed. Lorong Hj Taib was still full with sex workers waiting for their catch. Some were too pretty to be a woman. We can tell don't we? Ahahaha. Some things just don't change around here. More gelandangans were spotted already in lala land, and few social workers were busy carrying food around to be distributed among them. Children were spotted around as well. Anak2 lorong barangkali playing outside unsupervised at this hour. Perhaps shoo-ed out of their 'home' so mama can work. Sad but true.

We drove along.passing all of them.
Hubby asked if they're all malays? I'm afraid yes. We moved on. I felt a little sad, a little Syukur on blessings that we have. Alhmdulillah.

This is KL.
This is life reality.
People are just people.
Some change, some just don't want to.

Reached home around 2am.
Turned on the a/c and tugged into our comforters hugging each other.
At least we have each other..and we need to be more Syukur for all what we have. We can only change ourselves where nobody else can help us to

Thank u for the walk.

I love you.

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