Friday, August 8, 2014

Zulhadzrey Iman at 3yrs and a half

Iman. My sweet Iman turns 3 and a half this month. Which accumulates 42mths of me being a mommy :) Alhamdulillah, we learnt together to accept each other and play our roles all the way. This year's raya was much appreciated by him as he now knows and understand what is raya, what is balik kampung, and who are tokpa and tokma to him. Alhmdulillah.How fast time flies.

Fully toilet trained by now, he had lost all four of his front teeth due to ECC :) takpelah.the teeth will grow back dear. No frets. He he he.

He loves trains, blocks and aeroplanes. And alhamdulillah loves books too. It would be definitely ok if it was only him and his books. Big bad wolf please come fast, we'll really appreciate some new books on the rack :)

Just sometimes I'm too lazy to read to him. Mommy really needs some Mommy mid year kpi review mcm ni. Teruk sgt dh performance ni. Homeschool activities pun byk Ke laut musim musim raya puasa ni (--") I think since the eye infection incident hari tu.mommy jd patah arah.

He loves bicycles and balls and eats rice with only kicap these days (Adoi!) He loves playdoh as well :) and is fascinated by dinosaurs! And also Hi-5 on Disney Jr channel.haha

This naughty, cheeky and witty boy is my sweetheart. However, I pushed him too hard this morning that he fell down in the bathroom and cried. I feel guilty all day long. Sorry baby, mommy meant no harm :'(

We'll work out beautiful regimes and play great games this weekend I promise! :)


Mommy always love u.
With all my heart. And I pray you'll become a great Muslim professional who puts Allah before anything else.


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