Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Syawal 9th 1435h- Back to KL, esok kerja!

Salam mommies already working post raya celebration. How's or day(s), eventually? :) We're now on our way back to KL after 11days in Kelate :) Lama kan? Well, take apalah skali skala.and the unforeseen circumstances coming into our ways..nak beat camna. but life goes on and we surely need to do what's best out of it, don't we? ;)

Mama, Hubby's mom, finally got discharged Sunday evening after 4days 3nights in the hospital. Alhmdulillah, tho not fully recovered yet, she was doing really fine. I guess it is the determination and spirit coming from her kids who still needs her and her responsibility of taking care her sick mom (Hubby's grandma) made her not capable of being sick for long. Half body paralyzed from waist below, her high spirits made her able to slowly walk by now, alhmdulillah.I really hope u become better mama, I pray for ur health, and my own mother's health to be always great.Inshallah.

So we decided to just go back home today, skipping our journey to tganu. I really hope my mom would understand. Sorry Mak, we'll find time for tganu Inshallah.

We chose to use KLipis- Karak route this time, and stopped for Muzdalfa Chicken and Pizza at RnR Gua Musang for awhile. The chicken was so-so but I liked the bbq pizza although the crust was a bit too hard.hehee.

Pray for our safe journey Inshallah.
See u soon KL.



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