Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm not sorry I am a woman in your world

Its tough working in a men's world. But I have no regrets. Its an advantage actually if u take it that way.

I had this meeting earlier with a big boss from another dept.he's a big boss, but not the highest in the rank, so he still have bosses to report to. Middle aged, not so tall, he was fiery with questions of all sorts. Apparently, i was given a hard time by him in grilling me with questions technically and dynamically while he kept sceptically deceiving me. Kemain lagi uolss..iolls jadi darah tinggi.jenis bila kita nk jawap dia soh diam.and bila kita explain, dia kata jawapan out of queation.padahal dia xmau dengar. Today I knew why. Only today. Allahuakbar! T_T

Apparently, I was favored by his big boss who was a prominent man in our organization.Boleh? Hahaha. What a #*$&%. I know.

I tak marah u.
Well I knew it when he mentioned it himself.

Tapi td I was on the top stove. After 2hrs of grilling, I fed up. Let it be. If u want to pay 10mil.then pay. If we decide to or not to, my paycheck will be the same. So why bother. You are paid to decide.I'm paid to present the cause and findings. Why should i care,kan?? But I cared. Then he gave in.hahaha.

Bahaya wanita kan?

Being emotional is just human. In my organization I really do find many men getting PMSs more often than us women.hehehe.

He opened up.
He wasn't suppressing me, he was training me to be a 'lawyer' for my engineer self.yeah right.

Rupanya..dia tak puas hati kenapa boss dia suka i. Hahaha. i cannot answer that when or boss had a reputation of favoring women over men. I was born a woman.hahaha

He grilled me to get the juice out of me.damn! Esok nk hantar I present to Mr XY his boss.

Exploited plak rasa.
Whatever la as long as semua members of the floor xkena tempelak dgn naga rambut merah tomorrow..I redha.bengong pun ada rasa.

Ntahlah.kena byk doa yg kita ni sentiasa dijauhkan drpd hasad dengki Dan fitnah manusia.

I'm an engineer in a lawyer's hat tomorrow.
Let us see, keluar bilik meeting tu hidup ke mati esok T_T

Else tinggallah ..
Eng.Zahra Roslan (BEng Mech,BBa) RIP

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