Saturday, August 2, 2014

Syawal day 6..still in Kelantan

Assalamualaykum wbt

How's life so far?
We're still here in Pasirmas klate praying for the fast recovery of my MIL, mama. With nasi lemak aroma lingering and the water too cold for a bath, DH is still wrapped under the warmth of his old blanket at 10am. It feels too soon to go back to reality.

Mama had shown great progress alhmdulillah.But still needs to be under proper monitoring as her bp is still 170/100. I hope she learns her lesson and will be more disciplined in taking her meds.

Me? I miss my home my crib, my kitchen, my small cottage. I miss my own mom but not to the extend of being homesick yet. Hoping that mama will get well enough for us to bid goodbye without feeling guilty. I'm still considering extending our stay until next Saturday and take 3 days EL. I'm so sure that once we're back in KL it would be so hard to be back.*sigh*

Goodbye plans of pulau redang n such.Luckily I didn't make any reservations yet. Just not yet. Next time perhaps.

Will try to make up the most of our stay here. Syawal warmth is still around, and its so calming and pleasant to be in the serenity of the countryside. Maybe we'll see into crossing the border somewhere in the afternoon for some Thai delights and cheap stuff like johnson lotions and shampoo by the dozen.he he he.

Just what I know now, we're ain't leaving anywhere soon. Yeay!

Jomm g cari mee cambo and some maggi tomyam siam and maybe some lokcheng too.

Love from Golok-Pasirmas border,


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