Friday, August 16, 2013

Raya 2013 - Pictures of us (Part 1)

Pictures taken from my hp.
As we haven't yet get pics from my family's camera.

So more pictures to come!! Yeay!!~

Raya Day 1 : Mak's Place Homesweethome!

Iman's and amsyar's 1st Eid prayer in the Mosque nearby. i've decided to just bring them there just to familiarize them to solat Raya. Amsyar was amused for so many takbir's we have. So many "Allahuakbars!" ..

One of the best family pic so far :p

Selamat Hari Raya!! from all of us! My BIG family! :)

Naughty naughty! In the car :)

Our Duyong/Selayang clan. Almost all of us :) At Pak Lang's place in Sg Buaya.

Handsome Iman

Raya ke-2 : Off to Bukit Merah

Iman with his shoes and sampin early in the morning. He can now understand a lil bit of what is raya all about :)

A better picture of us. At least.

The truth behind the picture. hehehe

Raya ke-3 : Bukit Merah - Alor Setar - Kulim - Gerik - Jeli -P. Mas

Still sunny in Bkt Merah. Nice morning indeed!

Muka bersedia nak g beraya!!

Welcome to Alor Setarr!! A cloudy drizzling morning here in Utagha :)

 ***more pictures to be added for Alor Setar story :)***

Raya ke-4 to Raya ke-7 : Klate kiterrrr

Bermalas-malasan, bergolek golekan with Amsyar

A visit to Rantau Panjang is a must when in Kelantan :)

In RNR Gua Musang. Not So crowded on raya ke-7 alhamdulillah
Latest Niece of Hubby's : Musfirah Tahani

Amsyar with Tokma. Alhamdulillah mama survived stroke. and still a vigorous fighter. able to hold amsyar now. 

Kemain macho xmoh pandang camera

Amsyar polkadotted!! Kna bedbugs..aduhai...

Jalan2 Machang Raya ke-5.!

Raya ke-7. Jom balik Homesweethome!! Via K.Lipis nearly siap highway.Cepatlah siap :)

Alhamdulillah.Everything went as planned.
Hope yours was too.



eug|ena said...

dedua tu tgk bwh tu tgk ape ek.. ade mainan ke semut?

susahkan nak amik proper picture with kids at their age.. kiteorg pon struggle.. nak setting timer pon susah sbb ade yg sebuk nak setkan jugak... ahahaha


waaaaaa...hensemnyer imaaaaan... nak booking boleh? comel sungguh anak-anak mu zahra....

bersungguh2 raya di kelate yea!!

:: zahra :: said...

ya allah..betul tu!!!
pics yg proper cumalah pics masa tido! T_T

So this yr's best raya pic ialah pic pandang semut.hihihi

Raya pastu tau kerja dh xleh nk cuti..he he he


jom terjah :)
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