Thursday, August 15, 2013

Post Raya :)

Sesambil menunggu email loading for days yg tak 51 and still counting (--")



I'm back guys!!
Fresh from klate :)
Arrived 2100 yesterday after 9hrs++journey and a few pit stops.
Tired but happy.
And totally blurred this morning :)

Raya was great!!!!
Ramadhan was full alhamdulillah~
Raya in Sepang with Iman and Amsyar 1st Eid Prayer in the mosque.
Then in Sg Buaya with my dad's family.
Then in Bukit Merah, Perak.
Then in Aloq Setar.
Crossing the Titiwangsa via Kulim-Baling-Gerik-Jeli.
And lastly in Kelate: P.Mas-Machang-R.Pnjg :)

So in short our raya was BBST-SgBuaya-BKT MERAH-ALOR SETAR-GERIK-P.MAS yeay!!
Traveling is a must for us on festive seasons.

Its just nice to be with family.

Gambar raya?Iman and Amsyar were in Peach pink theme this year :)
Nanti lah..nak kena go through email dulu :)
Tungguuuuu....... :)

tp boleh tgk juga kat ig saya.sila sila follow :)
Id : zahraroslan

Have a nice Thursday lovelies.
Tomorrow dh Friday.
So yeay!!


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jom terjah :)
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