Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekends :: To melaka and back..

Weekends are nice :)
If spent wisely.
The only time with family.
For working moms like me.

On Sunday we went to Melaka to send Iman's maksu off to MRSM TGB.
My playing ground when i was small.
We went to visit my old neighbor as well and amazingly she still remembers me despite all the years :')
We moved out around 1997.
How many yrs is that? :')
She said Iman resembles my lil brother when he was Iman's age. The yr we moved out :)
How time flies.

Then off to Ali's College. 
KKTM Rembau College of Art.
Belajau rajin2 adik2 ku.
Dah jd rembau most wanted ni..
Quite happy for him.
Hope he does well.

Pit stopped at Jasin's new Mydin mall. Large mall indeed in such a remote town.

The day before, as everybody's home at mom's place, we fixed together nasi lemak for late breakkie.
6pots of rice, and one whole fat chicken for sambal.
10 eggs and few hundred bilis fishes (heheheheh).
Some cucumber and kacang goreng too as condiments complimenting the meal :)
All licin by 2pm!!

Just a great meal for hubby to start his journey to the stadium for the TRW game!

Tahniah TRW for winning against JDT !! :)

My Hero :)
With BIL Fahmey..semangat betul dua beradik ni tauuuu!!

Semangat tau..dgn kereta2 jd mangsa :p
Mujur menang :')

All 8 of us were at home last weekend. 
Zakiyya safely arrived from Egypt for Ramadhan and Syawal.
Even Aliyya was home.

Except for my dearest mom, faraway in Terengganu.
The house is no same without the Queen :)

Uh Oh!! Kantoi ko dikkk..

And lil Amsyar took the opportunity to explore geyma's vanity table as she's not around. Habis Q tips geyma kna selongkar. Sorry geyma..hehehehehe.

Have a nice Monday everybody~
Have a nice week ahead!

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